Creep Crazy

Peppercorn – Creeping For Your Love


As conjectured before, creepers get a bad rap, and Peppercorn has written a song that reclaims creeping as an activity worthy of praise and admiration. Creeping as a necessary part of seduction and wooing. This song highlights the aspects of venery and hunting that are part of some romances–keeping an eye out for that chance encounter, learning more about the other person by paying attention to natural signs (augury has become a hugely popular activity among participants in the online dating scene), collecting spoor. “Creeping For Your Love” has those soft-focus guitars that you hear sometimes in Echo & the Bunnymen, and there is an early autumn feeling to this music, perfect for this pivot from one season to the next.

[Check out Peppercorn’s fantastic little Wasted Summer]

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