Your blade of grass, not mine

Chris Brokaw - God's Forgotten Rooster

It wandered and did wondrous deeds. Cawed the sun up from Tokyo and down in San Francisco. Pecked pebbles from shoes without even being asked to. Scratched fearsome furrows so deep you could plant anything. A comb so awesome that you had to give it credit. "There's a feather in your cap," some said. "Whew, mon dieu," others said. Refused to fight even in instances when it had been slighted in the extreme: when it was fed last by some hapless hand, or awoken in the middle of the night by birds less noble. What you've heard is true: God sent his only rooster to take care of us, but then He forgot about it. Though, it goes without saying, not vice-versa. The rooster lived almost exclusively in churches.

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