Blur - Sing

Women - Eyesore

Black Lips - Mr. Driver

Lake District Microcastle

A few words on this mini-mix of imperious guitars. First two are downers, or semi-downers, last one is a pick-me-up. "Sexual Vietcong," from "Mr. Driver" is a phrase that I believe can and should be used often in casual conversation, and should maybe on t-shirts someday. I'm going to estimate that I listened to "Sing" once a day for the nine months of the 1999-2000 academic year, along with an appropriate amount of Portishead and probably too much of the first Muse album. "Eyesore" itself is irresistible, and I wish they had ridden that ending out for another half hour. There's also something in the way that P. Flegel sings this song that makes it seem like an exaggerated conversation, like he's transcribed someone's spirited speech (a la Janácek) into notes.

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  1. love love love this post. thank you!

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