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Olive - I'm Not In Love

Olive's cover of 10CC's wonderful "I'm Not In Love" existed as sedative music for me before I even knew that this was a cover of a 10CC song (In fact, I think the first time I heard the original, I thought, oh, weird, someone slowed down and softened up that Olive song). This song is very much of its time, 2000, when the computer apocalypse had been narrowly avoided, and we, as a species, had put our hopes in electronica, and all that that persistently vague noun suggested. I remember around this time that a few of my friends listened religiously to compilations with names like 'Buddha Bar 12' or 'Loungeteria.' Anxiety was in the air, I guess, and the only way to combat it was by insulating oneself with shiny, soothing vibes. Olive's "I'm Not In Love" doesn't ask for your allegiance, it's just a quick fix. Distraction after a disappointment. Small smile. Hair tousle.

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