All Day Permanent Red

Mr. Dream - Cool Down Apollo

After Apollo answered Cryzez' prayer

Taking a corner of the sky
Between his finger and his thumb,
Out of its blue, as boys do towels, he cracked
Then zephyr-ferried in among the hulls
A generation of infected mice.

Such fleas...
Such lumps...
Watch Greece begin to die:

From Christopher Logue's "War Music"

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  1. I had All Day Permanent Red checked out from the library for about a year but I never got around to reading it. Ah. Oh.

    “As boys do towels.” Waiting for what he does with, “As men do moist towelettes.”

    • It’s a good book. There’s a whole section on how Achilles eats ribs later on, which is where the towelettes make an appearance.

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