Back from the dead (kind of)

Beck - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

I asked my friend, "What is the matter with everyone?" and didn't expect an answer to such a ridiculous question. "Everyone's a person," he said, demonstrating his serious chops in the realm of real-time wisdom.

I asked my other friend, "What should I do?" expecting his reply to be a grizzled platitude that would frustrate and enrage me. "Don't take things so seriously. There are so many people. You haven't met all of them."

I asked my younger brother, "How did you get through it?" He took a Camel from his pack, lit it, and said, "I was drunk for three months. Didn't you notice?"


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  1. That first one is my tag line.

  2. McSweeney’s! What?! Ha! This new Beck album is the first thing they’ve done that’s amazing in YEARS.

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