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Oneida - The Story of O

The story of O is that she was born in a suburb of Paris in September 1984. Her parents lived on the street where Serge Gainsbourg lived, and her father often saw Serge at a bar, sitting silently and alone. Her parents were on their way to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when her mother's water broke. They went to the hospital and a few hours later O was born. When the little family returned to their flat, some of the neighbors were awake, incredibly, and they congratulated the parents. Some even gave them presents, toasted the little one's arrival. Her father had escaped a refugee camp many years earlier to make his way into France. That night, after his wife and daughter had gone to bed, he went out and walked for three hours. "I have a daughter," he thought. If he'd been able to tell his sixteen-year-old self that, at some point, he would end up in France, married, with a child, his younger self would've shrugged and said nothing. But he was a dick when he was 16, so what did it matter, he thought.

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