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Larry Gus - Jaw Throb


Larry Gus's "Silent Congas" was released for free a month or so ago. It's fun. This is probably the most recent album that I've consistently listened to and enjoyed. Took a little while to sink in. Some notable reviews have been unkind, okay, but let me reiterate that this is free, and good, and so there should be nothing stopping you from downloading it from the DFA soundcloud. If you, like me, loved and obsessed over the Avalanches' wonderful "Some People" mix from a thousand years ago, you will dig "Silent Congas." Jaw Throb is like a quick slice from that mix. If you listen to it and think it's trash, I will write you (longhand) an apology letter; leave your mailing address and official complaint in the comments.

[DOWNLOAD as a single mp3]

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