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Gold Panda – You

Gold Panda – Rush Job


These two are from Gold Panda’s debut album, “Lucky Shiner,” which is now almost three years old. But I wanted to write about ‘You’ especially because I have come back to it so many times. There is something siren-ish about that song. It’s catchy, but that’s not all there is–plenty of songs are catchy. What’s weird and cool and maybe illusory or maybe essential about Gold Panda’s music is that it feels very rhythmically complete (to use a poetry word–it’s like it’s acatalectic). ‘You’ makes sense on a level that I might not be 100% aware of consciously or explicitly, and I enjoy that. ‘Rush Job’ too, is a wonder; it’s controlled, it unfolds in strange ways, it plays like a movie. Sort of unbelievable that this was relegated to the status of ‘bonus track’ on the album, but I guess that speaks more to the quality of the main tracks on Lucky Shiner. GP just released a new EP, Trust, the other day, and it’s good, but I’m very much looking forward to the full-on follow-up to his first album.

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