Chapter 5,371

Gui Boratto - Galuchat

Moderat - A New Error

Melchior Productions - Her Majesty

Vitalic - Trahison


This is a quick autumn mix. All these songs have been here before, but not together. Elegiac electronic music probably does not spring immediately to mind when people think of examples of 'songs for fall,' but by chance the other day I listened to these four songs in a row, and they seem to share certain qualities--or at least a certain shape--that qualify them for a kind of Octoberness. This is the last month that you can delude yourself into thinking that the summer's still lingering somewhere in the air, and these four songs, to my mind, speak to that desire, because there's resignation, there's disappointment, a weird fluttering hope, and still an acknowledgment that twilight is always encroaching upon the days. (These four songs are also unsurprisingly pretty heartbreaking--"A New Error" and "Trahison" in particular).


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  1. real nice. thanks for all the great posts !

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