Jennifer Ehle was there at the concert


The Yellow Dress is the funniest band I’ve seen live in a long time, but this is mostly due to the efforts of the lead singer, Dan Weiss, who is brutally self-deprecating, playful, and totally weird when he’s talking on stage. The Yellow Dress were a lucky discovery for me (what is the succinct term for that? serendipity?): I saw them once at a party in San Francisco and was intrigued, and then again at a full concert I was invited to later in the winter…what I’m saying is that it was all great chance that I heard them in the first place, and I’m happy that I did.

Their music is fiercely energetic and very carefully crafted. I think Dan Weiss is also a prose writer of some sort in his day job, and that is immediately evident when you hear his lyrics. There is a Decemberists/Mountain Goats vibe, no doubt, but the Yellow Dress is their own thing, adjacent to both those bands, but a little more morbid, a little more precious. The Yellow Dress just released their new album, Faint Music//Ordinary Light, and it’s good winter music: bleak in tone but spirited, overcast, a little fucked up.

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