Vermont - Cocos

Sketch out your worst fears on a napkin, along with your phone number, and leave the napkin in a bar. See who calls. Who would be intrigued by a list that begins with "falling to death from a water slide" and ends with "falling in love with stable mediocrity?" Someone could call, maybe even someone you could count on. A person who might steer you away from those fears, or--there's always this possibility--steer you into those fears, less a paternalistic life coach and more of an amused enabler. The life coach would wrap you up, keep you safe. The enabler would buy you old XXXL 'no fear' t-shirts on Ebay and make you wear them to fancy parties, where you would have to explain that, yes, the shirt is correct, you possess no fear, you no longer quail in the presence of water slides and you have embraced your manifold mediocrities, and sure, you are perfectly willing to try the deviled eggs, why not, everything deserves a second chance, and life is too short to hold a grudge.

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