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Kangding Ray - Serendipity March

This was when terrestrial developments were getting weird: birds were learning how to fly, insects were really into predation, and there was a lot of heat to the sun's light. People still were abiding by all the usual etiquette though. When you encountered someone on a forest path, you embraced them full-on, maybe offered them a plant-chew or meat-chew if you had one. The music of this period was brutal and forceful, as one can imagine, with lots of simple percussion, like hard blocks of air colliding. It was all entertaining in the way that witnessing a wildfire can be enthralling, or watching the tight waves of a lake lap on the shore can provide diversion. Music was included in the group of these so-called 'natural televisions.' Useful, but not particularly valued or contemplated.

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  1. Looks a lot like the Fleet Foxes album cover haha. Cool/unique song here. On a huge sound system, I’d imagine it to be almost frightening.

    • It does look a lot like the Fleet Foxes cover–it’s apparently an anonymous artist, the painting is called The Great Flood. And yeah, this song would be insane on a huge soundsystem, haha.

      • thanks for the background info on the painting. And yes… minds would literally be blown (heads would explode into rainbows I think) upon this song being blasted through a venue sound system. I must experience it.


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