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Real Estate - Navigator

Navigator sounds like a soft death to me, like slipping away sweetly into a tender gray state of pure satisfied retrospection, a pronouncement (like Wittgenstein at the end of his life) that life on the whole was good and enjoyable and you made it, proudly, to the end. Real Estate do this type of song so well--Municipality and All The Same also touch on similar feelings: sunny Sunday afternoon thoughts of mortality, the truly mundane (screen door views of a backyard, planters that need to be taken in) side by side with the truly unfathomable (....). I've been listening to Atlas a whole lot recently because I finally work once again in an office where I can listen to music, and Atlas is quiet enough but engaging enough that I can play it two or three times a day without bothering anyone else or without getting bored of it. This album is pretty incredible, to tell the truth. I didn't think that much of it when it first came out, but it's wonderful.

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  1. Dude i so agree with you.

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