Towards a poetics of departure


The Field - They Won't See Me

Invisible bandits, skulking out of habit. A boy who was a 4th grader in 1989 grew up to become an actual ninja, though he does not make a living from his craft. Most of his business comes from curious inquiries to his craigslist postings, people who want to see him chuck a throwing star or two into their drywall, or who want him to use his nunchuks to help them roll out dough. On occasion he will lurk and spy in the service of someone who suspects their spouse of infidelity, but he does not relish this type of freelance shaming. He longs for a time when he might use all his talents in the service of a larger pursuit, something noble and thrilling perhaps, or at least more lucrative than $25 per hour house calls where he exists only as a walking diversion.

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