Laborious Concerns Ltd.


Steve Winwood – Valerie

The Eagles – Take It to the Limit

Hall & Oates – Kiss on My List


This is, somehow, only the second time I’ve done this, though it feels like I’ve done it more often–which is probably in keeping with the spirit of this undertaking anyway. Labor Day, which happened last week, signals the end of the summer and resumption of, well, something–school for students, harder work (?) for adults, shorter days & longer nights. And I’ve always associated that end-of-summer/interminable-Sunday-afternoon anxiety with the same sort of nervousness and apprehension that attends most visits to the dentist’s office. Probably the whole thing is all wrapped up in notions of aging and decay! Enjoy. Also, below is the prefatory note I wrote last time I did one of these, and I think it serves pretty well for this mix too.

Obviously the music played in a dentist’s office cannot be too stimulating or intense, since the patients will inevitably succumb to their natural urges to dance or play air guitar or sing at the worst possible times, i.e. when the dentist is like 2 mms. away from drilling right through the roof of the patient’s mouth and into the temporal lobe. The music at the dentist’s office needs to act as a sedative in its own way, transporting the patient to a world of soft neon, mist, precise percussion, perfect vocals, light euphoria, and cumulus synths.

All three of these songs have been played in dentists’ offices across the country perhaps millions of times. No doubt. I put this mix together for people who want, for whatever personal and secret reasons, to recreate the experience of sitting in that pneumatic chair, head tilted back, mouth open to ligament-ripping aperture, having their teeth worked over and tricked out.

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