Ruhr derby


Jan Jelinek – SynthSil (Unfallmusik)

Walk down to the water’s edge. Look across. That’s an actual palace. But it’s better to stroll on this side, the commercial side, because there are better breezes. This is why you’ll hear pedestrians say, I’ll take the view in D but I’ll take the air in P. Just kidding, no one says that. Stop at a ruin bar, get a beer. You might think the interior looks like a post-apocalyptic Applebee’s, I realize, but try to cast your mind back maybe seven or eight years to when this was the only one in the city and then think about how thankful you would have been to stumble onto and into it. There are like a dozen dudes playing chess in a small room around the corner, a room that is also suffused with at least four or five distinct kinds of tobacco smoke. Everyone writes their names on the walls. In the summer it’s hot and you walk outside to the courtyard and in the winter you just huddle under the orange halo of the heat lamps.

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    1. Thanks for the comment and the link, I’ll check it out. And I took the Blood Brothers down because those songs have been up for way long.

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