We are the army you see through the red haze of blood


Liars - They Don't Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids

Nettle - There Is a Hole in the Middle of the World Filled With Languages That Don't Have Names

Zombie Zombie - L'esprit du cimetiere, pt. 1

She said "Jump," and the corpses arose: boys and girls, men and women, cows and horses. A chicken. They lumbered up out of the earth and staggered into our fields. It was beautiful, in the way that something you've never seen before can be beautiful. Plus each body moved within the limits circumscribed by its physical personality, and thus with a sort of unwilled grace--or at least with the grace of being animated by a will external to their bodies. I felt a sick sort of awe and recognized this pack of things as a form of art, this witch's art, a tableau of reanimated carrion that was as compelling to me as a melancholy air sung by a sweet girl, or a tapestry of bewildering color. For an instant, I loved that witch. And then I had to run.

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