Pincers and nociceptors


There was a famous day at the beach. They decided to go to Venice Beach because, when they woke up, they woke up drenched in sweat. "It's so hot," she said. "I know," he said. They got dressed, prepared their swimming accoutrements, packed some folding chairs, and drove out. When they arrived, it was hotter, somehow, than it had been in the city. Metal seemed to be melting. The sea gulls looked tired and sad. They ate two slices of pizza from a place on the boardwalk, then walked around to check things out. They passed the dudes in the muscle-making enclosure. She decided it was time to swim. "Let's bath here," she said, using an idiom from her native language. They set down their chairs and got in the water. She marveled at the waves and the clarity of the ocean. They both dove under the breakers and went out as far as they could. The strap of her swimsuit fell off her shoulder at one point, and he thought about telling her, but he just looked away instead. Then looked right back at her.

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