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Death Grips – Runway A

Death Grips – Runway H (first one)

Death Grips released Fashion Week, an all-instrumental album, as a free download a week or two ago, and it is–as one would expect from them–pretty wild and thoroughly engaging. The instrumental part of Death Grips’ music has always been (for me) the best part of what they do–I love MC Ride’s vocals and all, but I find the kernel of their songs, twisted, hard, dark, serrated, to be what fascinates the most. Runway A and Runway H are pretty representative of the bleaker/harder parts of the album, and both are really really fun to listen to. This band has done some (debatably) dumb stuff and some great stuff, but it all contributes to a feeling (for me) that I’m listening to the audio equivalent of samizdat every time I listen to Death Grips. There aren’t many acts or bands anymore that exude ‘danger’ in the same way that DG does, and I’d say that, overall, that’s a bad thing–we need more like this.

[DOWNLOAD Fashion Week]

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