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Death Cab for Cutie – Debate Exposes Doubt

This is some class-A mope-around jamming from Death Cab, taken from their best album (for me), The Photo Album. This was the top of their game. I knew it. I told Ben in an open letter that I posted on the DCFC message board*. I was like, ‘hey man, this is the best you’ve ever been. Over Christmas break from school, I was at home, shoveling the shit out of some horrible snow, and I listened to this album on my Discman. Hard. In the cold. With actual icicles dangling from my numbed-out hands as I shoveled chunk after chunk of wet and heavy snow with my family’s bullshit toy of a shovel. This album kept me warm, in a way, sort of conceptually, as I miserably cleared our driveway and sidewalk, and as I mentally audited the mistakes I had made in my recent relationship. Movie Script Ending, man, that spoke to me–like a friend putting a hand on my shoulder and being like, ‘everything sucks. remember that. Women are hard to figure out, like a puzzle that’s running away from you and telling you to fuck off.’ Don’t ever change the band. Keep making this.’ They did not keep making this. Transatlanticism was fine and good, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as the Photo Album, and then after that I stopped paying attention for whatever reason. The Photo Album is still pretty fun to listen to.

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*Not really, but if I had, I’m sure it would’ve been something like the above.

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