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Animal Collective - Baby Day

Is it possible to father or mother a child to such an extent that other parents, with their shoddily raised children, defer to your supreme wisdom in instances of public tantrum and/or fussiness? Can you parent perfectly? What happens to a child who is birthed, nursed, caressed, played with, diapered, tutored, gently disciplined, spoken to, danced with, and attended to as mindfully as it is humanly possible to do? Does their infancy then become the high point of their entire lives? What of the folks who cannot take the time or who cannot afford to do the same things with their kids? What if giving your child the best possible start does not, in fact, result in the best possible life for them in the long run? Will you have failed as a parent? Will all that fetishization of your own child's childhood have gone to waste?

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