Someone from Radiohead—either Jonny Greenwood or Ed O’Brien—once said that handing over their songs to be remixed was like, “giving your dog to a stranger to take it for a walk, and then the stranger returns with a completely different dog.” That quote applies here, because Mark Fell’s remix of Lakker’s Oktavist is a bent and burnished version of the original. On the album, Oktavist is a slow-moving beauty, languid and delicate. Fell takes the pith of the track—the pulsing bass—and sets it on its own. He makes it harder, faster, narrower. One of the best things about remixes is getting a different perspective on a song—understanding the original choices that the artist made, and then having the opportunity to listen to the way that someone else hears the track, what they were attracted to, what they thought was worthy of notice. Lakker’s recent album, Tundra, is a great record, and this companion remix LP offers some great (and weird) takes on the original tracks.

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  1. It was Alex James from Blur

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