You’ve got the nacre, I’ve got the pearls


Stolen Jars’ new album, Kept, is percussively adventurous (pop) music. Maybe not quite like Liars’ Drum’s Not Dead, but think: All Tiny Creatures, Local Natives. Stolen Jars put forward an emphasis on sonically interesting rhythms, because why not? There are not enough new bands who take the time to explore actual sound craft—that seems to fall more within the purview of straight-up experimental (and then, more often than not, electronic music) acts, but this band seems at least somewhat dedicated to trying to carve out their own sound, which is pretty great and admirable. Kept reminds me, come to think of it, of some other catchy and curious experimentalists—Dirty Projectors, though maybe without the same whiff of seriousness that seems to accompany that band’s albums.

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