Societies of Intimates

Dillon Beach

Continuous Dick. You would not believe how long I spent looking for this 12" in record stores. I finally broke down and bought it on Discogs four or five years ago. Even at that time, there was little to no evidence that it actually existed. Supesharu (the label that released this) had a website that was gnomic at best and it was not possible to order anything from them. I had the impression that I would have had to journey to the label owners' homes in order to purchase the record. I'm exaggerating a little, of course, but this is how I remember it. But now the whole EP's on Soundcloud and you can listen to it! For those who aren't obsessed with Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo, etc.) side projects like I was, Continuous Dick is a (seemingly) one-off release by Perri and Adam Marshall (who did two remixes). It's weird and it's fucking great. Enjoy this track. Think seriously about ordering the 12".

[BUY Birth of A Dick]

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