Great Coincidence

Two Guns

This is pure nepotism, though also totally justifiable. Cold Colt is a band that my brother Sean and his friend Nic formed a few years ago. They recorded a few songs for an EP that was intended to be a mini song-cycle about a zombie attack. As far as I remember the story, the narrator's girlfriend gets on a plane and leaves the country on a long flight, and the fast-moving outbreak happens in the midst of the flight, so she has no idea what's going on. The narrator makes his way to an airport and gets on a flight to try to find his girlfriend to make sure she's safe. Only 2-3 songs were ever recorded for the project, and Two Heart's Crescendo was one of them. Cold Colt does not really exist anymore, though this song is so catchy and memorable that it makes me wish the band was still around. You cannot go wrong with an opening line that says, "You and I are such a great coincidence." This song stays stuck in my head for days on end. I wanted to post it merely to share its pleasures with other people.

[Nothing to BUY, but you can listen to one other Cold Colt track here. And my brother Sean has some of his incredible piano compositions up here.]

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