Paul Nazca - Emotion (M. Mayer Mix)

They had a dream of dance music with a lurching beat. A dream of a beat that stumbled (like we all do). A human beat. A dramatic beat. It’s companionable music. This is music to dance to, yes, but it’s also music that will drink with you until 4 in the morning, maybe longer. Kompakt put out two compilations of this, under the name Schaffelfieber 1 and 2. I heard vol. 2 at some point in 2003 in the basement of an old academic building, and it enchanted me. Memories of this music—clumsy techno music, off-balance techno music—stuck with me for 13 years. Here is a representative cut from vol. 2, Paul Nazca’s Emotion (mixed by Michael Mayer of Kompakt).

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