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This is new Faint, taken from Capsule: 1999-2016, a retrospective of the Faint's output. What I remember from the early days of the Faint was that many college radio DJs loved them, and, when I heard the band's music, I could tell why: it offered something both complex and fun. You could talk about it, parse it, etc., and you could dance to it. If you drew a line from the dance-influenced music of the early/mid 2000s back to groups like the Faint, Six-Finger Satellite, Braniac, Turing Machine, et al., it is a tenable position--those bands were the ones who put all that in the air (again). If you never got into the Faint before, now's your chance. Capsule: 1999-2016 is a good collection of their previous work, plus it comes with their 2016 single and two brand new songs (ESP & Skylab1979).

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