The last word. Laying it all at the feet of the person who did it wrong: Why were you horrible? Why did you not learn to act as a normal person, with recognizably human feelings, until way afterwards? Why, pray tell, did you increasingly resemble a toddler who overnight had been endowed with an adult body? Why did you turn slowly into a mechanism of torture, a grim and passive-aggressive thing, lashing out and bumping into the walls of the house, stealing the pets in the middle of the night and returning with nothing but coupons for the local casino’s restaurant? Tusks asks these questions, or questions like these, in Last, which is a swirling, kinetic thing, a build-and-release tune, shifting levels all the way up, climbing.

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Attitude. Confidence. It takes something to turn a weeble-wobble synth burble into a pop song like Let Me Go, but that’s what Sisters do here. The foundation of this is a sound that I cannot technically identify, but feels like something that lives in bars and wants to hit on you. The melody of Let Me Go, on the other hand, is comforting, sweet, an arm around the shoulder. The song is a humble anthem about figuring out what matters most, what’s essential and what’s extraneous.

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