Guerilla Toss – Twisted Crystal

Guerilla Toss’s “Twisted Crystal” is a fun and confounding album. The band’s music is inventive and vibrant, with a bright-color palette and wild, abrasive melodies. These songs are at once lovable and slightly irritating, which I love; the melodies live in the interstice between great pop songs and unrelenting commercial jingles (see “Magic Is Easy” for a good example of this, it’s catchy but it also has an edge, a little wobble, something that’s off. Same with “Hacking Machine,” where Kassie Carlson sings “I think it’s sick/what do I know/computer worm or/a vi-a-rus” in such a way that those lyrics will stay in your brain until you die). “Twisted Crystal” is busy, cartoonish, lit-up—it’s got excess, filigree, ideas packed into every second, bursting with creativity. The album sticks with you, the songs stick with you.

“Green Apple” is a beautiful song that takes the form of a tornado, picking up new sounds every few seconds, whirling, advancing and retreating, leaving the earth, touching back down, then dissipating.

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