Jay Som and Justus Proffit – Nothing’s Changed

Los Angeles (outside LACMA)

New Jay Som, in collaboration with Justus Proffit. Melina Duterte’s lovely vocals are the driving force and focus of “Tunnel Vision,” the third song on the “Nothing’s Changed” EP. It’s a quiet, subdued song at first, Duterte whispers “You were clean/you were calm/standing in the doorway/singing afterthoughts,” with a simple guitar figure repeating alongside her voice. A minute in, the song opens up for a moment: percussion, another guitar, and Justus Proffit’s voice echoing Duterte’s. But the voices recede, and the last two minutes of the song are composed of commanding bass notes, shifting and fluttering percussion, heavy keys. Where Jay Som’s “Pirouette” lifted off into space, “Tunnel Vision” has a different trajectory, drilling downward, inward.

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