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Giddy Motors – Hit Cap

“Hit Cap” is a song made of dirty jazz fragments. It’s a mosaic composed of paint chips, shards of old refrigerators, and the hatchbacks of a hundred maroon 1984 Plymouth Horizons. Giddy Motors traffic in rust, entropy, friction. For the first 1:38 of this song, Gaverick de Vis sounds like he’s playing a guitar that’s strung with bridge cable instead of nickel filament, and playing it with a straight-edge razor as a pick. There is a sax. Sometimes it goes with the groove, other times it seems more comfortable just dithering. The drums and bass are pretty unstoppable in this song though, switching between rock pounding and nimble jazz ellipses with (let’s say) feigned casualness.

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***Mr. Dream have two tracks from their forthcoming debut album, Trash Hit, over on soundcloud.***

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