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Escandalo – La Bruja

Escandalo is or was Viva Ruiz (who also sings in Gavin Russom’s Crystal Ark project) and Desi Monster. Viva is present throughout the song in the form of an occasional banshee who drops in to break up some of the purling keyboard tones (which tones bear some slight resemblance to those heard in Delia and Gavin songs, etc.). Desi must be the guy intoning “La bruja” over and over again throughout the track (this is the kind of deduction that helped me solve the Case of the Paper Jam the other day at work) in a serious, workmanlike monotone. It actually sounds like the mechanical conductor announcements on subways or the matter-of-fact robot cashier on those self-checkout registers at the grocery store: zero insouciance; all control. I think Desi’s restraint offers a nice contrast to Viva’s actual howling. Could this song be classified as a member of the “witch house” family? It’s a disco song about a witch, presumably, but I don’t think that qualifies it as witch house. House In Re Witch, maybe, or House on Witch (first color scenes in Wizard of Oz would serve as the visual manifesto).

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