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Slowreader - Politics, Music, and Drugs

This song lightly addresses the issue of entropy at parties. Slowreader, which was the two main songwriters from the Impossibles (Gabe Hascall and Rory Phillips), created an inviting atmosphere out of acoustic guitars, hand claps, tight harmonies, and soaring choral vocals. 'Politics, Music, and Drugs' captures that post-party letdown particularly well--or more accurately, the unraveling and splintering of participants (both with respect to location and emotions) following the climax of a gathering.

Gabe sings, 'I don't have many ways/to tame the boring but/if you'd like to stay/I'll tell you all I know/about politics, music, and drugs/and then it's time to go', as a last-ditch effort to push his companion away from thinking about her warm, comfy bed and into thinking about where the party is heading next.

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