Doktor Procraustus

Black Dice – Smiling Off (Luomo remix)

Black Dice – Unknown 2

There are periods when it feels as if most music criticism can be interpreted in an emotivist sense, so that declarations like, “One could say the deconstruction of these micro-melodic forms suggests a movement towards rather than away from old-fashioned tonality,” can be taken in sum to mean “Hurrah for music,” or simply, “I like this.” I’m pretty sure the life of any mp3blog can be reduced to a number of these statements, within a set range on the spectrum of enthusiasm. “Up with chillwave!” and “I don’t know about this Kanye album” are probably the resultant values of whole TBs of writing from the past two years. Ahem. Let me say: “I like these two songs.”

[Buy the Smiling Off EP]

[Live recording of new Black Dice songs at Secret Project Robot on 1.15.11 by the wonderful Two Sails]

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