The nonlinguistic turn

Lubomyr Melnyk – KMH Section V

The following quote is taken from Chapter 12 of my new book, “Syrups and Nogs”:

Brambleville and Oakburg, the twin cities of the booming oak syrup industry, are quaint and idyllic, unstained by the tincture of so-called ‘Big Syrup.’ Here, from stands of proud, sappy oaks, families harvest and refine their syrups the old-fashioned way: by mouth. Traditionally, the men will tap the trees to find the sweet spot, then cut a small hole in the bark and suck out the precious oak sap through a cast-iron pipe. And of course, there are the syrups: bitter and peppery, playful but not cloying, with just a hint of oak, the flavors mix perfectly on the tongue- these are the kind of hearty, viscous syrups made for kings and dignitaries, and they can and should be poured on the finest caviar, veal, venison, and sweetbreads.

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