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Art Brut - Unprofessional Wrestling

Manifold are the pleasures of Art Brut. "Unprofessional Wrestling" is along the lines of some of the band's other hook-up songs (Good Weekend, Pump Up the Volume, etc.), though this one is special for its use of wrestling moves in the lyrics (hilarious and creepy), and the guitars--that interval from :43 to :48 in the song is gold, the way Argos' lyrics are ornamented and underlined with those pick scrapes behind the nut (this is a real thing, I swear). That touch is what I love about Art Brut. There aren't many (or any) other bands making goofy-as-fuck but perfectly executed and artfully constructed rock songs.

[Art Brut will release their new album, Brilliant! Tragic!, on May 23. Check out their website]

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