Monsieur Northface in Antarctica

Young the Giant - Your Side

One of the student interns recommended this band to me, so I listened. The kid was pretty fervent in his recommendation of Young the Giant. He said, "Dude, this band...." (the pause lasted for forty seconds, a masterful aporia on his part) "...they're good."

It's pleasant enough, but probably not something I could listen to over and over again (something that would've surely happened if this band had existed when I was, say, 17), which is disappointing in its own way. Someone else was talking the other night about when they first loved Radiohead, and I remembered how I listened to OK Computer very much if not exactly like the apes observing the monolith for the first time in "2001," right down to the fact that I started hurling dirt in the air and yelling when I heard the beginning notes of "Airbag." I'm guessing Young the Giant had a similar effect on this kid (though, truthfully, it's tough to see how you could live so sheltered a life that YtG would effectively blow your mind, but whatever, I don't know this kid's backstory, maybe in his toddler years he was like the Wild Child of Aveyron).

[Buy Young the Giant's debut LP]

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