First date topic: the theory of forms

Peasant - Well Alright

Pennsylvania Dutch Easter Bunny

Nilsson-esque or is that a blasphemy? Nilsson-lite? Peasant gives me the feeling of Nilsson without the actual components of Nilssonness. "Well Alright" reminds me (a little--maybe it's the piano chords?) of "Gotta Get Up"--probably via the resignation in Peasant's voice when he sings the title phrase. There's a need for songs that take odd emotional states as their inspiration. Like, what song should you play when feeling fundamental, almost a priori revulsion for your job, but while also taking satisfaction in a job well done (e.g. when shredding three reams of confidential papers?). Or what song should you play while getting ready to tell your fiancee that, while you love her, you love her recently divorced mother even more? And you've already gone in on a crazy mortgage with your would-be mother-in-law, now lover, so you're liquidating the modular shelving collection that you and she (the fiancee) acquired over the seven years of your engagement? What song do you play? Let me offer "Well Alright" as a fitting candidate.

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