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Agoria - Heart Beating

Heart Beating is less about hearts beating than the beating, i.e., hitting, of hearts. The punishment of hearts. Dreams: pressed. Wishes: flayed. Hopes: quartered, dried, then burned and buried. Mostly self-inflicted. The female vocalist, Kid A, sounds uncannily like Bjork but is not Bjork. Another form of punishment: your heart maybe desires Bjork but you are denied the full qualitative Bjorkness of Bjork. (There should be a new selection of Hadean tortures designed solely for the music listener: one room plays only George Thorogood's "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" on repeat and the stereo's knobs, though within reach, only increase the volume and clarity of the song. Also George Thorogood is there with you, dancing to his own song, and singing along to his own song. And you realize anew every second that you are George Thorogood, or a part of you is and always was, etc.). Pretty and dangerous.

[Buy Impermanence]

[Also check out John Roberts's placid and striking remix of this song]

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