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twi the humble feather- Adventures of Castle One

"Okay, man, so we've got a little Sung Tongs in here, wait, I mean, haha, let's face it--a lot of fucking Sung Tongs in here. But kind of slower, right? And field recordings of planes. I know AC has never used planes before. And get it--that's where the song takes off? Plane----------------->singing. And our voices are kind of whisper-falsetto, like imagine if you will a group of wild children playing in the forest with face-painted faces. Warpaint, bro. The kids have gone fully tribal. They're brandishing guitars, and hunting wild boar with their songs. We're those kids. As adults. The Adventure of Castle One is a reference to the haziness of our memories that have been filtered through old videogames. Memories, man. That's what makes us human. We were all kids once. We all have that old Betamax tape in our heads that's worn out and fuzzy from being rewound so many times. I think I captured that with those static layers that play out on the fringes of this song. Birds chirping at the end. That's life. Being in the world."

from twi the humble feather's "Storytellers" episode

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