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All Tiny Creatures - Cargo Maps

Dismissed the Editor told us. My knee had locked itself in place and become numb due to its position, so I told my colleagues to proceed without me and incited my leg into action through blows, curses, and Rumpelstiltskian stomping. When I rejoined K, O, and C, on the way to one of our official cars, they asked me what I thought about the orangery and everything connected with the orangery including the timing of our posting there. Any bad day out of the office building is better than a good one in it, I said, offering a variation on a popular workplace maxim. K, O, and C did not immediately concur, so I said I would drive, an offer I knew would create perhaps minutes of jockeying for the front seat since there are few joys in life quite comparable to riding shotgun in a government-issue stretch Hummer, my company car. The drive out to the orangery lasted an hour and a half, through woods with trees denuded and seemingly whittled by wind and rain, into an area of Maryland that C called the back of the back of beyond. K said you can't call it that, it turns the whole thing into a double-negative and so it becomes the front of beyond, which I would think is just the horizon. It's the back half of the back of beyond, said C, which is different from the way you're thinking, which is strictly Euclidean and false.

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