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Prefuse 73 – Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing Mix)

busy signal

Prefuse 73, i.e., prior to fuse 73. Before Fuse 73, that’s music prehistory. Busy Signal elicits a complex set of emotions, but prominent in the mix are elements of despair, disappointment, suspicion. Word was at the time of its release that One Word Extinguisher dealt with an intense break-up, and it’s easy to hear this song as a part of that, as part of the break-up process. What is more deflating (or more poisonous, in some cases) than calling up a recent ex and getting that calm, declarative pulse? Who’s on the other-other end with them? Even if you ask later, you probably won’t get an answer, and if you do get an answer, it could be false. So don’t even bother asking, just ruminate disastrously on all possibilities—which is the type of thinking the song represents with those repetitive perforated tone structures (which themselves sound like sped-up busy signals). The breaks, the vocal exclamations, “he will take what he can find,” slurring into violins—this song is a real experience.

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